ABUS PLATINUM CHAIN 34 LOCK-CHAIN 10mm/110cm [27946 1]


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Abus has evolved in over 80 years from a producer of traditional padlocks to a brand of expertise in preventive security technology.
Now one of the top names in motorcycle and scooter anti-theft products; Abus; based in Germany; is a family-owned company; passionate about helping motorcyclists keep hold of their pride and joy.

Many of the individual products feature unique security innovations and Abus locks have proved un-pickable since the conception of the X-Plus and Plus locking mechanisms introduced over 18 years ago.

From portable Pro-Vogue disc locks; ground anchors; U-type shackle locks and heavy duty steel chains to more flexible cable locks for lightweight motorcycles and scooters; Abus has something for every two-wheel user in their extensive range.

10 mm strong chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to
the motorbike‘s paintwork 
Double bolted 11 mm shackle in the lock body 
Shackle guard protects against attacks with tools 
The chain; the shackle; the padlock body as well as
supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of
special hardened steel 
Precision pin tumbler cylinder 
Two keys are supplied with the lock

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