Acf-50 Anti Corrision Formula


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Product Description

ACF 50 aerospace technology,

Penetrates, lubricates, protects,

Up to 12 mths corrosion protection,

Ideal for bikes that are out in all weathers,

“Must-have” to retain show room conditions,

Some products have legendary status! ACF 50 is one of those. Renowned for its ability to keep your bike clear of corrosion for longer and more effectively than any alternative. Your benefit: no rust or pitting, less maintenance, greater reliability and higher residual value! Prevents corrosion as well as stopping existing corrosion from spreading

ACF-50: A highly advanced, non-toxic, water-displacing lubricant containing active salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors. Think of it as a “self-healing”, transparent protective film that stays active for up to 12 months!

Note: Do not spray on hot surfaces! Do not spray on brake disks or tyre tread!

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