Dainese Manis Back Protector



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Dainese Manis Back Protector

The most advanced design characterizes this innovativeback protector that breaks the classic design patterns and sets new ergonomic standards.

The protector is capable of extending or retracting by bending, in this way following the movements of the torso in typical motorcycle racing positions.

It is also able to bend and twist to follow the lateral bending movements of the body.

Manis back protectors come in four lengths to suit various back lengths and two belt sizes for the waist

Manis 49 is for a back length of 37.5-42 cm

Manis 55 is for a back length of 41-45 cm

Manis 59 is for a back length of 44-48 cm

Manis 65 is for a back length of 47-55 cm

The medium belt is suited for up to 34″ Waist

The large belt is suited for sizes over 34″ waist

The measurment is taken from the base of the neck to your waist (not hips)

The above sizes are for guidance only if in any doubt please feel free to contact us for further Information.

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49, 55, 59, 65






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